Your safety is important to us so please make sure to read the tips below so you have a great ride.

• Wear a helmet while riding

• Ride with traffic

• Ride sober

• Watch for open car doors

• Stay in the bike lanes

• Obey the rules of the road

• Signal turns ahead of turning

• Slow down and be carful in intersections

• Yield to pedestrians

• Be vigilant at all times


Been in an accident?

1. Get medical attention

Move off the road and away from traffic and call an ambulance
if necessary or go to a doctor for evaluation.

2. Exchange information with the driver

If the incident involves a driver, exchange details including name, address,
registration, contact number, driver’s license number, make and model of car
and insurance details.

3. Write down what happened and get an account from a witness

As soon as you can, record the details of what happened including where, the time of day, weather conditions and traffic conditions. Draw a diagram of what happened including the direction and position of each person involved. Take photos and the area that the accident happened and get the names and contact details of any witnesses.

4. Contact Poynt Bikes

Give us a call on 082 926 6433 to report an incident or an injury.